Even rockstars need a Mentor.


 Grow with ease & grace.

Success doesn't stem from hustle and grind. It's not something that's offered to people who sell their soul and lose all semblance of balance. Success CAN come from a road of ease and grace, and I want to show you how. 

There's a method to my madness.

Through 12 weeks of intensive consulting & business growth, you'll experience a radical transformation as a business woman. I've developed a mentorship program that will push you to be your best self, while getting really clear about the type of business and lifestyle you want to achieve.


A balanced mindset is the key to a balanced and profitable brand. By taking care of your wellbeing and plugging into your source, we'll establish a healthier baseline for which to build your business upon!


We're about to get real about money, and making more of it! I want to see you making more of it in a way that feels right! Money is truly available in abundance, and there's no reason for you NOT to have lots of it.


Using technology and leading edge techniques, we'll find ways to work smarter (not harder). By being more innovative, you position your business as a leader in your industry and will impress your audience by your prowess!

I only accept 12 mentorship clients per year. Will you be one of them?

Investment: $8,900


What is special about my program?

Well, let's get right to the point. I've found major success as an entrepreneur. I'm also an Organizational Psychologist. In short, I'm wildly qualified and didn't just stumble into this career. I have dedicated my life to helping women find success through online business, while being unapologetically themselves. And wealthy too. 

Won't you join me on this path to success? You're more than worth it.

Online Courses

Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for your target audience.

Entrepreneur E-Books

Learn how to create powerful content that will launch engagment through the roof.

Digital Downloads

Receive tips on effective email sequences that will turn cold leads into customers.

Sexy Boss Swag

Discover how to build lead magnets that will push your lead generation into overdrive.


About That "Independent" Girl

Erin Wilson, M.S. is an entrepreneur with 15 years of entrepreneur experience. A trained Organizational Psychologist and consultant to many international Fotune 500 companies, she has created a firm of independent women who are destined and determined to make big waves in small business!  

The real-life Erin is a single mom of two toddlers, and started the company Independent She after having her first child and wondering, "why the heck am I in a Corporate job that I hate?!" So, she left her fancy job and followed her dream of helping other women become independent while starting the business of their deams.  

That's legit.


Spinning with excitement!

"Having Erin on my side made me feel more confident and on my game. I gre tremendously through my work with IndpenedentShe, both professionally and personally." 

Julie Ball, Sparkle Hustle Grow


She just gets it.

"Erin is a plethora of knowledge and an inspiration to how girl bosses are getting it done. She pushed me in all the right directions, using intuition about what was holding me back and what would catapult me forward." 

Heather Kirks, Thought Filled

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